The Space Between (2023) Short experimental play involving actors and non-actors, video and field recordings telling the story about how we react and reflect on social situations. In production and will be performed late Spring

Hope Chapel Hebden Bridge (2023) Provided visual material for Lines of Silence

© Alan Dearling

Muse café Hebden Bridge (2022) Presentation of past work mixed with music compositions produced using Ableton live

MUSiK launch event (2019) provided a three-screen video capturing photos, logos and videos of musicians, music events and groups around Kirklees who are involved in this new venture in preparation and part of Leeds Year of Culture 2023

Malavika (2019) Collaborative project with Supriya Nagarajan of Manasamitra. We worked on one of the many centuries old Indian fables called Malavika which had been written as a comic book story for children; from this source, I produced an experimental soundscape .

L’esprit du clocher (The spirit of the bell tower) (13′ 46″) Brick Box Rooms Bradford, (2018). Soundscape based on a book by Alain Corbin – Village Bells, sound and meaning in the nineteenth-century french countryside

Being at home audio/visual installation art @ the house (2018). This installation captured familiar sounds and images from the local area where the installation was exhibited. The sounds and images were re-framed to create a non-linear and more challenging viewing experience using looped stop frame images and sampled sounds with multiple projections. The intention was that people living locally would experience the installation differently to those who do not

Ringroad (2016) Audio/visual experiment marrying abstract(ish) video footage with audio composed specifically to fit visual intent

The pit at the end of the road (25′) (2015) Soundscape produced for the National Coal Mining Museum, West Yorkshire. The piece supported a painting exhibition between 2 February – 31 May 2015. The exhibition depicted Painter, Michael Milner’s personal recollections of coal mining. Most of the assets for the soundscape were recorded on-site. The soundscape created a sense of domestic place close to a pit during the 1960s and the brief was to resonate with the themes in the paintings without being too intrusive.

Haulage  (2014) ‘Performance lecture’ which focused in particular on the rope that lifts and lowers the cages into the mine. A ‘VJ’ performance was created using Ableton Live and Modul8 software where video, audio recordings and photographs were mixed in the lecture to explain this important but often overlooked element of the coal mining industry.

Jukebox  (2010) Experimental video, which segmented the viewing experience across three large 50 inch plasma screens. The audio channel also intermittently panned between the screens forcing the viewer to search for the syncronised audio and video. The triptych video had other textual and visual layers to add viewing complexity thus creating a more demanding viewing narrative. This demonstrator video is a composite of the installation and therefore will not be able to convey all the intended meaning. In four parts, the video documented a Jukebox manufacturer in Leeds, UK describing the story of music storage, jukebox manufacture and how these are entwined within a family run business.